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I primarily work through the frame of psychodynamic psychotherapy that was developed in Germany.

The mentioned psychodynamic modality is based on psychoanalysis but additionally encompasses the humanistic approaches and includes body work or body techniques. 

The goal of psychotherapy:

To encourage the client to explore their own inner self and to find contact with their essence again. Getting in touch with our essence involves being aware of our own value and accepting the wholeness of our human experiences (both the pleasant and the unpleasant insights).

The therapeutic relationship:

Refers to a formation of a safe therapeutic bond that prioritize emphatical understanding of the client and emotional honesty. The therapeutic relationship enables a base for the client's corrective experiences, which contribute to the therapeutic change. In the context of the therapeutic relationship, the therapist is a non-judgmental witness to the client's experiences of the world, that helps with the normalization of emotional anguish and the rebuilding of trust, trust within ourselves and trust in other human beings.

Individualized approach:

Because every individual's experience of their world is unique, I work with the premise of adapting the therapeutic techniques to the individual and their specific needs.

Picture of the therapeutic room
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